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today i am grateful for:

- daydreaming about going back to texas!! oh and realising that i have like 1000 dollars in my savings account wtf?

- being an alcoholic

- dresden dolls dvd which i hadn't watched in like a year. and i re-realised that it is boss.

- watching lisa lampinelli on comedy central while at work. i love my job.

- nutty buddies aka drumsticks aka cornettos

no more dead cops!

my top 10 favourite things of all time.

it is numbered , but it may not necessarily be in that numerical order.

1. dee
2. kittens
3. photoshop
4. hot pockets
5. stereotypes
6. anglophilia
7. jewing
8. vodka
9. machina acoustic demos
10. petes

i never miss

i am grateful for:

- planet terror on dvd. :D .. it is all i am going to watch. forever. for the rest of my life. and omg. it has an audience reaction track. i like to watch the movie w/ that because it makes me feel like i'm at the theatre again.

- the best 3-song playlist ever to exist. i am listening to: radiohead - jigsaw falling into place. smashing pumpkins - porcelina of the vast oceans. radiohead - polyethylene pt. 1 and 2.

- constantly being doped up on dayquil, nyquil, tylenol sinus, et cetera. i love drugs. .. and the drugs love me.

- little debbie fudge rounds.

- being happy forever. and loving life. and loving everything.

- peppermint moisturizing body wash stuff !!!!!!
- short hair!!!!
- sleeping all day
- the convent #@!%!#%!%!
- satanic nuns
- soft skin
- ice cream X: even though i shouldn't eat it ack
- keith's off tomorrow yay!
- snuggle dryer sheets mmm -sniff-

long time no jew

- being one step closer
- 4400 x;
- ivy (worry about you)
- keith and my mom are off tomorrow, family day!
- also that tomorrow is the only day they're both gonna be home x.x
- cuddling my mommy today
- rettes getting me through annoying times without murdering someone
- getting unbanned from ogame pft
- hiding in my room all day
- toaster ovens, even though mine isn't proper
- the way keith wiggles his toes when he sleeps
- oohh and keith getting more hours at work because two people are leaving
- dumpster divers
- porcelain
- truly appreciating expression
- talking to jolene, i miss her when we don't talk !$%@
- \o
- making up for lost jews

hustle that pussy!


- also harry potter book soon too!!!!!

- dvds and things to do

- jolene being super sweet and not making me feel bad

- the chubby girl on law and order who shot the pretty girl for being a cunt, go you !

- misshapen hearts

- jolene being tipsy and cute

it's the talk of the town!!!!

i am grateful for:

- being drunk off strawberry vodka.

- & linda strawberry. cause strawberry vodka made me think of her.

- zeigeist, obviously.

- talking to dee on irc. it's the best.

- "camping out???" for pumpkins tickets lolz

- dried dead flower on my desk. pretty.

- talk of shanna banana, jessica stevenson, and WHORES! you gotta hustle that pussy !!!


i think i put too uch ass in that

i am grateful for:

- texas excitement! o/

- watching video of a live poperratic performance

- sweets

- being a bookworm

- new shoessssss


kikes yodel heavenly

- disabled jewing, we are soo accessible. :|
- acro
- talking to marlenus and uh. foofie. it's nice to have interesting people around
- house, sperm
- giving runt a bath today :D

young necrophiliacs grope cat remains

i am grateful for:

- acro

- jews

- went to see hostel 2 w/ jason

- celebrity fit club

- snuggling w/ jason & kitty

- honey-roasted cashews